Connect - Introducing People to Christ!

Grow -
 Disciplining believers!

Serve -
 Relieving suffering! 

First Church where:
Everyone is welcome,
Nobody is perfect and
Anything is possible.  

**  Serving God & Neighbor with Love Makes us "First"  (Mark 10:31)  **

UMC Mission:   Making Disciples for the transformation of the World
OUR Mission:   Leading people to the One Whose touch makes us whole.

OUR Vision

CALLED -  We believe that God has called us as a powerful force for living the love of Jesus in this community.
COMMUNITY -We are committed to reaching out to our growing and changing community.
KOINONIA GROUPS - (Small Groups) We will offer a wide range of caring and healing ministries through Koinonia groups.
CHALLENGING - We challenge all to join us in a commitment to serve Christ as his disciples in the world.

A Bit of History

1843 - A Circuit Rider (Traveling Preacher),Rev. Simon Noll, began preaching in a house near the “tollgate.” This was PFUMC’s beginning.
1853 - A class was formed creating a more permanent presence in Palmyra. They met in Wilhelm’s Hardware.
1871 - (May 21) A First Building was built. More people had been following & serving Christ.
1900 - (Apr 22) A Second building at College & Main Sts. was built to house growing ministry and outreach.
1946 - (Nov 16) The EUB (Evangelical United Brethren) Church was formed at a uniting conference in Johnstown PA. (Captured in the south east most stained glass window).
1956 -(Apr 1) Present Site Dedication on Easter Sunday. The congregation had been transforming more lives. To continue they built in a cornfield on the edge of town, added a gymnasium and stretched their comfort zone to live the love of Christ and reach more people.
1968 -The United Methodist Church was formed by the joining of the EUB church and the Methodist Church.

Architectural Symbols

  • The Architecture is Georgian Colonial build in 1955 and dedicated Easter Sunday, April 1, 1956.  The exterior is Atglen stone.
  • The design or shape of the sanctuary is in theshape of a cross.  You are standing in the base of the cross with the top at the altar and the arms extending to your left and right.
  • Symbols are everywhere.  For instance count how many different crosses you can see.(There is also the Alpha and Omega=eternal, the pomegranate=unity, the Gospel symbols, and many more, but that’s a whole tour in itself)
  • The Pulpit is an octagonal (eight-sided) structure.  Its shapes symbolizes regeneration or new life.  It is higher than all but the balcony, demonstrating the importance of telling the world about God’s love in Jesus.
  • The Windows tell the gospel story from birth to ascension.  The story starts in the North arm of the cross shape(the pulpit side, in the little bump-out of space). Each window has a symbol (top), a scripture panel (large picture) a symbol(small below large picture) and a historic person (bottom). (See Green book for details.)

  • Moving across the hall (Narthex) to the Fellowship Hall (Parish Hall) which houses many ministries and was renovated in 2005 to support this work.
  • Praise Service (9am) is hosted here each week
  • Children’s Basket Ball reaches out with equal play for elementary students who participate each fall and winter.
  • Youth Ministry employees this space for games, volleyball, large creative work and mission prep.
  • The Community is invited into this space for all ministry, for special community events and meals, and for voting.

Check out more info in our Directory or in our Green History Book

More Inside Info!

  • Moving Downstairs to our classroom spaces we house many active ministries.
  • Noah’s Little Ark Preschool nurtured 138 children in 2009-10 with developmental for faith and body.  This is a ministry which occupies most available education space during the week is fully operated by PFUMC to support the children of our community and their families;
  • Choirs rehearse at the east end of the hall:  Adults & children share this great space to hone skills and prepare music for worship leadership;
  • The Youth room is always active and changing at the far east end of the hall.  It is space for hanging out, Sunday School, Youth Group and more;
  • The Chapel (Middle of hall at cross point) provides a three season home for our 8am informal traditional service where we honor the daily needs of people and the gifts of our faith
  • Our South Wing was once a parsonage caring for generations of pastors and now houses our offices and meeting space, encouraging and equipping new life and vision through our staff and leadership.

So Much More!  All spaces resource many ministries and get regular use.  For instance our Koinonia Groups (Small group ministry), Sunday School classes, Women’s Circles, Men’s group, age level ministry, special events …

God is Still at Work in this place changing lives, touching hearts, redeeming the world through people like you who choose to plant gardens, worship, learn and grow here at PFUMC.