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Christ Servant Ministry is a lay ministry with special training and certification. The end goal is to make Christ known and give the body of Christ, through a congregation, tools for effective ministry.  By action of the 1997 Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference, the Christ Servant Ministers Program (formerly known as Certified Lay Speakers) recognized and celebrated the organized training of Laity in our conference. They receive training and serve throughout the life of the congregation in areas such as speaking, caring and leading.

Training laity for ministry reflects Jesus' own ministry with the disciples. It also reflects the Great Commission's sending of all God's people, and the Love-sharing identity each Christian claims in their baptism. Our biblical foundation reminds us that we are all servants of Jesus Christ, we are all ministers of the Gospel, each with particular gifts, graces and calling.

Training for Christ Servant Ministers is provided through the Annual Conference and available as a tool for any and all of our people at First Church to grow in particular areas of leadership, as well as, to follow a call to ministry known as Christ Servant Ministry. First Church is blessed to have two Christ Servant Ministers. If you have an interest in learning more, please talk to Pastor Dave or any of our Christ Servant Ministers.

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