• 9am - 'The Gathering' / Contemporary Service (1 hour service)

    The praise service is a contemporary style of worship here at Palmyra First UMC. Come experience God through Christian and secular music, graphics, drama, interviews and movie clips which is used to develop the theme and enhance the worship experience.Please join us for an energized, meaningful service in a casual setting.

  • 10:30am -'The Foundation' / Traditional (1 hour service)

    Members and visitors at First Church enjoy the more historic order of worship that combines pastoral and communal prayer and the pastor’s sermon. This service is held in our beautiful and tranquil sanctuary, while hymns are led by the Choir and music streams from our pipe organ.

  • Discovery Dunes Sunday School is available during the 9:00 service.
  • Worship service projected on TV in Fellowship Hall An alternative for you and the little ones, if needed. Rocking chair & toys to keep the little ones busy.
  • Cookies and beverages available from 8:45 to 10:45 in Fellowship Hall.

    Handicap entrance and Office on Green Street

    If you park on Green St enter the door marked ‘Office’ (the east side of the building) you will be on the main floor. From here you can easily reach the sanctuary through the doors on your right with no stairs. This eastern door from Green St. is also the easiest way to reach the church office.

    Entering from Main entrance on Birch Street

    If you enter through the North entrance from Birch St, you must go up 6 steps to reach the Sanctuary to your left and Parish Hall to your right. Classrooms, Nursery and the Chapel are down the stairs.

    Entering from the Parking Lot off of Franklin Street

    If you park in the large parking lot and enter from Franklin St. (the west side of the building), you can enter through the double doors, you will need to go up 6 steps to the Sanctuary on your right and Parish Hall to your left. Classrooms, Nursery and the Chapel are down the stairs.

    Entering from the West entrance on Franklin Street

    If you enter through the West entrance from Franklin St, you go down 3 steps to reach the Lower level for the Chapel, classrooms and nursery. This is the most direct route and the least amount of steps to get to the lower level main hallway.