March Memory Verse: “Now is the time!  Here comes God’s kingdom!  Change your hearts and lives, and trust this good news”  (Mark 1:15)

March 24: The Last Supper: As Jesus’ death approached, he instructed his disciples about his mission.  By reinterpreting a familiar ritual (the Passover, and annual celebration of how God delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt), Jesus gave them a new way of looking at God’s purposes.

March 31: In the Garden: The disciples would deny Jesus, despite their declarations of love at the Passover meal.  Jesus warned that they would all fall away because of him.  Despite Peter’s insisten objection that he would not stumble, Jesus responded that he would deny him three times before daybreak.

April Memory Verse: “I’ve seen the Lord.”  (Matthew 26:69-75)

April 7: Peter Pretends: The disciples were unprepared for the events that followed the Last Supper, but the opposition was competent and determined.  Judas brought the soldiers to the garden and kissed Jesus.  That was the sign to identify Jesus.  When Jesus was arrested, he was taken to Caiaphas, the high priest.  Peter followed at a distance to see what would happen, but he could only go as far as the courtyard.  Even with just a few people around, Peter was afraid and he denied knowing Jesus three different times.  As he spoke the third denial, a rooster crowed just like Jesus said it would happen.

April 14: Jesus Enters Jerusalem: The majestic entrance into Jerusalem portrayed Jesus as a king and defined the significance of his kingship.  Because his kingship was so different from worldly models of authority, Jesus set aside the worldly understanding of kingship and embraced a reign of a different order.

April 21: Jesus Lives: Mary arrived at the tomb early on Sunday morning, but the stone had been rolled away.  She immediately ran to tell the disciples, and Peter and John ran to the tomb.  John saw an empty tomb and grave clothes neatly rolled up.  He knew that something very strange had happened, but he still didn’t understand the full meaning of what he had seen.

April 28: Feed My Sheep: Jesus told the disciples to return to Galilee, and he would meet them there.  They had gone fishing, but they hadn’t caught anything.  The turning point came early in the morning when Jesus appeared on the shore, but they were not able to recognize Jesus at first.  Jesus took the initiative and called to them, “Children, have you caught anything to eat?”