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(717) 832-2ARK (2275)
Director: Connie Reitz This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Noah's Little Ark, a ministry of Palmyra First United Methodist Church, is a quality Christian preschool program open to two, three, four, and five year-old children regardless of race, color, or creed. The preschool consists of classrooms that are located on the lower level of the church building and also has a playground on the church grounds.

NLA was started in 1998 and has caring and well-trained Christian adults who work with the children. They promote the maximum emotional maturity with spiritual, social, intellectual and physical development.

Revised School Calendar for 2018-2019

Revised Snow Policy

Our Curriculum provides a positive Christian environment in which children can play, explore, create and ask questions while building self-confidence and developing social skills.
Listening skills, attention span and vocabulary are strengthened through songs, fingerplays, stories, sharing and games. Creativity and self-expression are stimulated through a variety of art media.
Christian values are shared through the use of daily Bible verses, Bible songs, Bible stories and prayer at snack time.

Formal parent/teacher conferences will be held during the year. You may share special concerns with teachers or the Preschool Board of Directors at any time through notes or phone calls.

Programs, Times, & Cost

Kids' MusicRound - Music classes for Babies through Age 5 with a special adult
Join us for a semester of singing, laughing, dancing, instrument playing, award-winning music and movement experience for your little one. Through play and fun we will begin your child's musical journey that is so important to their musical, social, academic, and motor development. Classes are $130/family for the 10-week semester.  Tuition includes CD & login to parent portal. Click here to register! 
Tiny Tots: 18 months-2 years
Mon/Wed mornings. $100/month
Tue/Thu mornings. $100/month
2 Year Olds:
5 mornings: $250/month
2 mornings (M/W or T/TH):$100/month
1 morning (F): $60
3 Year Olds: 3 years old by 10/1
5 mornings: $250/month
3 mornings (M/W/F): $140/month
2 mornings (M/W or T/TH): $100/month
Pre-K Readiness: 3 by 12/1. Toilet Trained.
5 mornings: $250/month
3 mornings (M/T/TH)$140/month
3 afternoons (M/T/TH): $140/month
3 full days (M/T/TH): $245/month
2 mornings (W/F): $100/month
Pre-K: 4 years old by 10/1
5 mornings: $250/month
4 full days: $380/month
4 mornings (M-Th): $160
4 afternoons (M-TH): $160
Lunch Bunch: ages 2-5, 11:30-12:30
$25/month - 1 day/week
$50/month - 2 days/week
$75/month - 3 days/week
$80/month - discounted rate for 4 days/week
Noah’s Academy: Enrichment. Ages 3-5
Cooking (M): $60/month
Soccer Shots & Sports (T): $60/month
Fine Arts (W): $60/month
STEAM (TH): $60/month
Academic Masters (4 days): $160/month
Stories & Songs: Parent/Child Class
Thursdays, 10am. Donations accepted.
Schedule varies. Email for info.
All AM class hours are 9-11:30 a.m.
All PM class hours are 12:30-3 p.m.

$35 non-refundable entrance fee required

Pay Total School year in Advance - Receive a five percent (5%) discount

Multiple Student discount - A ten percent (10%) discount for younger siblings (maximum of 2 discounts per family)


  • Art Experience: Fine motor skills are developed through a variety of art media which encourages self-expression.
  • Block Corner: A variety of blocks, cars, trucks and trains are available for active play.
  • Educational Toys and Games: Small motor and cognitive skills are strengthened while playing with puzzles, games, manipulatives and imaginative toys.
  • Dramatic Play: Children create storylines and build social skills by playing in kitchen areas, vet offices, flower shops, and more!
  • Sensory: Playdough, sand, rice, beans, and other sensory explorations are provided regularly.
  • Reading Center: A relaxed area designed for children to enjoy books.
  • Science Table: Science is experienced by observations and experiments. Nature is discovered through “hands-on” exploration.
  • Water Table: Pouring water and other materials into various shaped containers provide a unique way to enjoy water and explore measuring and special relationships.

Field Trips
During the school year we will go on several educational and fun field trips that usually relate to our curriculum. Parents are occasionally asked to provide transportation for these field trip experiences. If you are interested in volunteering for preschool activities, let us know where you would like to help!

Due the 30th of each preceding month to avoid a $5 late fee. September tuition is due August 30th, and the last payment is due in April. Please mail all payments to:
Noah’s Little Ark Preschool
520 E Birch St
Palmyra, PA 17078

Noah’s Little Ark Preschool welcomes and promotes the development and happiness of all children. Our school is here for the entire community. To determine whether a family qualifies for a full or partial scholarship, you must apply in writing to the Board of Directors and detail the circumstances, which you feel, would demonstrate a need.